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Roger Joseph

  Roger Joseph


 Roger began his career in 2003 in Law Enforcement, serving until being Medically Retired in 2021. During his career, he served as a Patrol Officer, Detective and Supervisor. Roger was a department Firearms Instructor to roughly 70 officers. Roger is a firm believer in the 2nd Amendment, and believes everyone who is legally able to  own a firearm should do so, and also receive training to operate it safely. Roger worked at a Local Gun Shop (5 Years) previous to starting Printz Firearms in 2020 where he was a Store Associate/Instructor and assisted customers with purchases and also personal Range Instruction. 


Roger holds certificates in the following schools:

Pennsylvania State Police Firearms Instructor 

PA RLEO Firearms Instructor

NRA Law Enforcement Patrol Rifle Instructor 

Sage Dynamics RDS Handgun Instructor 

FLETC Basic Tactical Medical Instructor 

STOP The Bleed Instructor 

American Heart Association BLS Instructor 

NRA Basic Pistol Instructor - Civilian 

NRA CCW Instructor